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SouthOrd Euro Tension Tool (Slim Line Series) TW-22
SouthOrd Euro Tension Tool (Slim Line Series) TW-22
Our Price: $5.50 Inc GST
Sale Price: $4.40 Inc GST
Savings: $1.10

European Profile Cylinder Purpose designed Tension tool .

Take a look at this quality pick set from Sparrows Canada -


Plug Followers
Plug Follower
Our Price: $6.60 Inc GST

This is a double duty resin Plug follower.
One end has a standard trap the other has a star burst cap cylinder remover , suits a whole range of lock barrels including Schlage , Whitco ,Lockwood , Sparrows . Great tool for all those rekeys .

Sparrows Octo Rake
Sparrows Octo Rake
Our Price: $6.60 Inc GST

The Octo Rake

When you first see this pick you will think it is just a beast but it is really surprising just how may locks this big pick can open.
Even though it is called a rake the action is more like a rocker pick. The pick stays in the lock while you angle it to hit the pins and scrub the pins open.
The Octo rake is Laser engraved and made out of .025 steel .

Sparrows Lock Picks
Sparrows The Sandman
Our Price: $6.60 Inc GST

The Sandman is a wide handled Laser engraved Raking pick.
It works in a very similar action to the twin or triple peak rake.
Its used in a fast skipping action under the pins but their is nothing wrong with using it as a rocker.
It design allows for it to be reversible.
The Single Peak Side is designed for High/Low pinning.
These locks often also have two pins that are also close.

Universal Gas Cap Key
Universal Gas Cap Key
Our Price: $7.70 Inc GST

A universal gas cap key, effective for most gas cap applications , this is a timer saver and gives you a another option of opening gas caps .


Sparrows Shims
Sparrows Shims
Our Price: $8.80 Inc GST

The shim is the must have tool for rekeys and opening some cheaper padlocks.
Sparrows WARLOCK
Sparrows WARLOCK
Our Price: $8.80 Inc GST

The Warlock

Originally developed for pin tumblers the warlock also is very adept at rocking wafer locks.
The profile is similar to the highs and low cut of traditional keys letting use it for both raking and try outs.
Made out of .025 and coated with a UV print.
Plug Followers
Sparrows Core Shims
Our Price: $8.80 Inc GST

Core shims are designed to for rekeying locks without are key and to attack locks that do not have a protective collar between the core and the lock body.
This is a surprisingly common feature on Lower and some mid security locks.

The attack is simple wedge the shim over the core and slide it back until it stops.
The object that is stopping it is the top pin of the first pin stack.
With your pick slowly raise up that first pin until the shim finds and slide though the gap between the top and bottom pin.
The shim will now hit the second pin stack .... repeat above.... you get the idea you want to list the pin stacks and keep moving the shim back until it has covered the sheer line.

With the sheer line covered insert you tension wrench and open the lock.

Sparrows Lock Picks
Sparrows Medusa
Our Price: $8.80 Inc GST

The Medusa is an exact replica of "Locknoobs" Boomslang pick.
After receiving numerous requests we have decided to make it commercially available. Cut from .020 steel just like the original.

"Inspired by the Sparrows Sandman, I wanted to design a hybrid pick based on my two favourite profiles, the snake rake and the short hook. The Boomslang was designed to work on a wide range of locks for rapid entry and competitive applications, allowing the user to switch between raking and picking in an instant. The original Boomslang pick was kindly made for me by pick maker, Tipene in New Zealand from the sketches I sent to him from the other side of the world in the U.K." - Lock Noob

Adams rite bypass tool
Sparrows Adam Rite Driver
Our Price: $9.90 Inc GST

Sparrows Adam Rite Bypass Driver is designed to open the 4700 series type lock slide the tool though the keyway and turn the tool to withdraw the deadlatch .

The Sparrows Adam Rite Bypass Driver comes comfortable thermo plastic handle . As with all SPARROWS products this a professional grade tool.

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