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Plug Followers
SPARROWS Plug Follower
Our Price: $7.70 Inc GST

This is a double duty resin Plug follower.

One end has a standard trap the other has a star burst cap cylinder remover , suits a whole range of lock barrels including Schlage , Whitco ,Lockwood , Sparrows . Great tool for all those rekeys .

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HPC locksmith tools
CLK-6 Key Extractor
Our Price: $8.80 Inc GST


  • Ultra-Thin Broken Key Extractor
  • Perfect for getting that broken key out on Residential, Commercial, and Automotive Locks

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Sparrows Lock Picks
HPC EZ-1 Key Extractor
Our Price: $9.90 Inc GST

USA Saw type key extractor quality hand tool to remove broken keys from lock cylinders , Just another handy tool to have in your locksmiths tool box. Made in the USA HPC Tools are known by Locksmiths around for the world supplying some of the best Locksmiths tools available .

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Wedge Co USA Automotive Key Extractor
Wedge Co USA Automotive Key Extractor
Our Price: $9.90 Inc GST

Wedge Co USA 7000 Ultra-Thin Orange Handle Broken Key Extractor is the number one choice of locksmiths worldwide. With the light weight orange plastic handle and sharp teeth on the spiral wire, the tool is easy to grip. The wire is long and thin with a long sharp point. By sliding one extractor along each side of the broken key and twisting the two extractors together, you lubricate the lock and slide the broken key out.

This set is designed to remove even the most difficult key or foreign object from all Automotive Locks and very handy on domestic locks too , Must have have kit for the Locksmiths tool box

These extractors are sold separately. Please buy (2) to use the method above.

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Plug Followers
Sparrows Core Shims
Our Price: $15.95 Inc GST
Great Price: $13.20 Inc GST
Savings: $2.75

Core shims are designed to for rekeying locks without are key and to attack locks that do not have a protective collar between the core and the lock body.
This is a surprisingly common feature on Lower and some mid security locks.

Also for rekeying locks , these shims last just the shim for helping you in changing the combination of the most common locks .

The attack is simple wedge the shim over the core and slide it back until it stops.

The object that is stopping it is the top pin of the first pin stack.
With your pick slowly raise up that first pin until the shim finds and slide though the gap between the top and bottom pin.
The shim will now hit the second pin stack .... repeat above.... you get the idea you want to list the pin stacks and keep moving the shim back until it has covered the sheer line.

With the sheer line covered insert you tension wrench and open the lock.


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HPC locksmith tools
Key Tags- 96 Tags
Our Price: $13.20 Inc GST

White Blank Key Tags- 96 Tags

  • Make your own key tags!
  • Goes behind the hooks on your keyboard
  • Set contains 96 blank tags for you to fill out.
  • Save time

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Graphite lock powder
Lock Easy Graphite Powder
Our Price: $13.20 Inc GST

Graphite powder great for freeing up lock pins before picking .

Graphite Lubricant for Locks Key Chains & Tags Lucky Line4.4
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lab shims for rekeying locks
LAB Cylinder Shims 25 pc
Our Price: $14.30 Inc GST

LAB USA Curved Shims quality product for use in Rekeying pack of 25

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Plug Followers
Plug Follower Suits Lockwood
Our Price: $16.50 Inc GST

Follower Tool lightweight aluminum suits Lockwood , Kiwkset , Schlage etc .Can accommodate tailpieces , Diameter 12.57mm

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Plug Followers
Sparrows Lock Picks Canada Mini Mat Plug
Our Price: $19.80 Inc GST
Great Price: $17.60 Inc GST
Savings: $2.20

Sparrows Lock Picks Canada have produced this Mini Keying Mat handy for the Locksmiths tool Box .

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