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Plug Followers
SPAROWS Plug Follower
Our Price: $6.60 Inc GST

This is a double duty resin Plug follower.
One end has a standard trap the other has a star burst cap cylinder remover , suits a whole range of lock barrels including Schlage , Whitco ,Lockwood , Sparrows . Great tool for all those rekeys .

Plug Followers
Sparrows Core Shims
Our Price: $8.80 Inc GST

Core shims are designed to for rekeying locks without are key and to attack locks that do not have a protective collar between the core and the lock body.
This is a surprisingly common feature on Lower and some mid security locks.

Also for rekeying locks , these shims last just the shim for helping you in changing the combination of the most common locks .

The attack is simple wedge the shim over the core and slide it back until it stops.
The object that is stopping it is the top pin of the first pin stack.
With your pick slowly raise up that first pin until the shim finds and slide though the gap between the top and bottom pin.
The shim will now hit the second pin stack .... repeat above.... you get the idea you want to list the pin stacks and keep moving the shim back until it has covered the sheer line.

With the sheer line covered insert you tension wrench and open the lock.


Extractor set
Broken key Extractor mini Set
Our Price: $19.80 Inc GST
Great Price: $11.00 Inc GST
Savings: $8.80

Remove broken keys with this handy mini size set of key extractors , designed for small and narrow keyways of all descriptions.

Also take a look at this handy Key Extractor set -



Plug Followers
Plug Follower Suits Lockwood
Our Price: $13.20 Inc GST

Follower Tool lightweight aluminum suits Lockwood , Kiwkset , Schlage etc .Can accommodate tailpieces , Diameter 12.57mm or .495in

Pro Lok Pin Gauge
Pro Lok Pin Gauge
Our Price: $15.40 Inc GST

Schlage / Lockwood Bottom and Master Pin Gauge , Great way of sorting out those master pins and bottom pins.

Made in USA .
Plug Followers
Sparrows Lock Picks Canada Mini Mat Plug
Our Price: $15.40 Inc GST

Sparrows Lock Picks Canada have produced this Mini Keying Mat handy for the Locksmiths tool Box .

SPARROWS Pin Tweezers
SPARROWS Pin Tweezers
Our Price: $18.70 Inc GST


The sparrows Pin Tweezers pinning tweezers have a specially curved tip allowing you to grip all those devilishly small lock components. They are Non magnetic and perfect for holding and placing pins, springs and other small parts. Made from a Pro Grade stainless steel they will not flex or bend. With a slim profile these tweezers can re-load driver pins from inside the cylinder. This is a must have tool for reassembling any lock and a must have tool for any locksmiths tool box .


Our Price: $22.00 Inc GST

KEY DEPTH READER , for Schlage / Lockwood 0 to 9 depth 0.5 drops ,and Kiwikset .

This is a handy pin set , just the thing for rekeying

AASPT2Locksmiths Rekey Pin Kit suits Lockwood and other

Made in USA .
Extractor set
Klom Broken key Extractor Set
Our Price: $27.50 Inc GST


Did we say Budget ? This set has spring stainless steel blades and a huge selection to choose from , a must have for Auto locks and cylinder locks . Remove broken keys with ease.

This is also a great kit to remove broke keys from locks with some excellent tools for the Auto Locksmiths -



Keyway Profile Check Tool
Keyway Profile Check Tool
Our Price: $42.90 Inc GST
Great Price: $33.00 Inc GST
Savings: $9.90

Great way to check the correct profile of a keyway . Handy workshop tool or used on the key counter to check if the Locksmith has chosen the correct key
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