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Wendt LOCKMASTER® Extractor Set
Wendt LOCKMASTER® Extractor Set
Our Price: $76.30 Inc GST

Quality German tools for Locksmiths ,Wendt Lockmasters Extractor Set designed to extractor broken keys or foreign objects from Auto locks and Pin tumbler locks .

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Wendt -ZIEH-FIX®  - Impression Set
Wendt -ZIEH-FIX® - Impression Set
Our Price: $165.00 Inc GST

Quality German tools for the Locksmiths ,Wendt Lockmasters Impression set .

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Wendt -Lockmaster®-Special Operations Mat
Wendt -Lockmaster®-Special Operations Mat
Our Price: $174.90 Inc GST

Wendt -Lockmasters

This product is special made for Locksmiths on Lock Out Calls and Government clients for working on Door Locks or when installing Electronics .
You always have tools and equipment with or around you while working during a operation.

The mat has a rope around the working mat. Just pull the rope and the mat will fold like a bag. Every tool or equipment that is in between the rope will be in the bag.

The working mat has a separate cloth that you can cover that lights up in the dark. When your tools are on this part cloth you don't have to make light to find your tools.

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Wendt -Lockmaster®-CLAM™ Key Mould
Wendt -Lockmaster®-CLAM™ Key Mould
Our Price: $231.00 Inc GST

Wendt -Lockmasters

Designed to give an exact image of a key, the Clam allows the user to conveniently cast a replica key. Duplicates of rare and historic keys may be created by utilizing the Clam. The locksmith can make duplicates when a duplicator is not available or when they are out of stock on the needed key blank. The duplicates can be cut at a later date or different location. Duplicates of the bit on a high security key can be cast and preserved for later duplication resulting in considerable savings for the customer and a high margin sale for the safe technician. The uses are as varied as your imagination.

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Wendt-ZIEH-FIX® Tool Kit "Bell"
Wendt-ZIEH-FIX® Tool Kit "Bell"
Our Price: $693.00 Inc GST

ZIEH-FIX® Tool Kit “Bell” and accessories.

  • For tubular cylinders and profile cylinders, axial plug extraction and tearing apart the connecting bar possible

The Tool Kit contains:

1 pc. 1105-K ZIEH-FIX® Carrying Case for "Bell", without contents
1 pc. 1005 ZIEH-FIX® “Bell”
1 pc. 1003 ZIEH-FIX® Plug Extractor Plate for profil cylinder locks, 14.7 mm Diameter
1 pc. 1004 ZIEH-FIX® Plug Extractor Plate for round cylinder locks, 16.8 mm Diameter
1 pc. 1061-E Cutting- and Lubricating Spray, 100 ml
1 pc. 1062 Graphite for Lift Srews
1 pc. 1005-RA.PROX Proxxon-Speeder Ratchet, width across flats 17 and 19
1 pc. 0810 Bit-Holder with T-Handle for bits 1/4"
1 pc. 1402 Bit Set, 1/4", c/w 9 bits with magnetic bit extension
1 pc. 1072 Pointed Pliers, straight
1 pc. 1077 Plastic Profile Cylinder Key
1 pc. 1202-50 ZIEH-FIX®-Pull Screw "Extra", 50 pcs., 4.2 mm Diameter
1 pc. 1203-50 ZIEH-FIX®-Pull Screw "Super", 50 pcs., 4.8 mm Diameter
1 pc. 1204-50 ZIEH-FIX® Pull Screw "Spezial", 50 pcs., 5,5 mm Diameter
1 pc. CD-1001 Video on CD-ROM "ZIEH-FIX® Extraction Tools" (available only in German language)

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Wendt-ZIEH-FIX® Elektro - Pick III
Wendt-ZIEH-FIX® Elektro - Pick III
Our Price: $754.49 Inc GST

Wendt -ZIEH-FIX® Elektro - Pick III battery operated electric Pick Gun uses the percussion principle. The necessary vibration frequency and strength of the pick is delivered by an eccentric.
The Electro-Pick III is solely intended for the manipulative operation of lock cylinders. For this the Electro-Pick III is used in intervals, which means here: repeated consecutive switching on and off. The switching on and off period should be between 0.5 sec and 3.0 sec. The Electro Pick should not be in continuous operation by pressing down or locking the on-off switch. A continuous operation like this does not increase the success of manipulation (opening). Instead the continuous operation would increase the deterioration of the bearing, eccentric and the used picks.
Note: The Electro-Pick III can only be used for manipulation of lock cylinder with single or double row pin. The pins need to be attached at the top or bottom in a vertical lock tube (alternatively left and right in a horizontal lock tube). A manipulation of a lock cylinder with more than two rows of pins with an Electro-pick is only possible to a limit extent. A manipulation of lock cylinder with pins (dimple or track systems) which are attached axial to the key way is only possible to a limit extent. The success rate of the manipulation in the above mentioned cases is usually so small that it cannot be mentioned.

• Developed by A.Wendt GmbH
• For high requirements
• Manufactured with the highest precision
• Easy handling

Beside the Electro Pick the set also contains:

2 pcs. Pick “Novum”: Straight Blade, .020" / 0.5 mm
1 pc. Tension Tool, 5 1/4" / 13.35 cm
1 pc. Tension Tool, 2 1/4" / 5.7 cm
1 pc. Tension Tool, 3/4" / 1.9 cm
1 pc. Tension Tool, 11/2" / 3.8 cm

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Wendt -Lockmaster®-Master Key-Set for BMW
Wendt -Lockmaster®-Master Key-Set for BMW
Our Price: $857.25 Inc GST

Wendt -Lockmasters

Master Key-Set

Master Key-Set for BMW (HU92)
18 sets of different Master Keys
(1 set = 2 pcs.)

with Holder for master keys, assortment suitcase and lists .

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