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HPC locksmith tools
CLK-6 Key Extractor
Our Price: $8.80 Inc GST


  • Ultra-Thin Broken Key Extractor
  • Perfect for getting that broken key out on Residential, Commercial, and Automotive Locks

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Sparrows Lock Picks
HPC EZ-1 Key Extractor
Our Price: $9.90 Inc GST

USA Saw type key extractor quality hand tool to remove broken keys from lock cylinders , Just another handy tool to have in your locksmiths tool box. Made in the USA HPC Tools are known by Locksmiths around for the world supplying some of the best Locksmiths tools available .

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SouthOrd Mini Broken Key Extractors
SouthOrd USA Mini Broken Key Extractors
Our Price: $38.50 Inc GST


This Mini Broken Key Extractor Set is great for removing broken keys from lock cylinders. The small tips can grip in tighter spaces than conventional key extractors .

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Extractor set
Boxed Bamboo Key Broken Key Kit
Our Price: $44.00 Inc GST


Great Vaule Kit , be set for any broken key extraction

Comes with 2 x HPC saw and spindle extractors , plus the Sidewinders as shown , with room to add your own gear .

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HPC locksmith tools
HPC EZ-6 Key Extractor
Our Price: $48.40 Inc GST


The Interchangeable Extractor Set is the most popular extractor set on the market. Its compact size allows you to carry a variety of extractors inside this tiny set.
It includes 4 extractor blades stored inside a hollow handle: 1 saw blade; 2 spiral blades (.040" / 1mm diameter) and 1 spiral blade (.050" / 1.27mm diameter).

  • Shirt Pocket Size (Closed): 1/4" x 3-1/2" (0.65 x 9cm)
  • Contains 4 Interchangeable Extractor Blades
  • Stainless Steel Components

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Broken Key Exactor Set
KLOM Broken Key Exactor Set
Our Price: $55.00 Inc GST


Broken keys are no longer a problem with this great Key Extractor Set .

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Extractor set
HPC Extractor Set
Our Price: $55.00 Inc GST

The 2000 Series Extractor Set is the ultimate in broken key and pick removal. The tools are designed to slide next to broken keys along the side mill and ride along the bottom pins to hook into a cut in the key. The tools are made of high grade stainless steel and can be bent to reach around many obstacles. This 4-piece set makes all other extractors obsolete.

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Wendt LOCKMASTER® Extractor Set
Wendt LOCKMASTER® Extractor Set
Our Price: $76.30 Inc GST

Quality German tools for Locksmiths ,Wendt Lockmasters Extractor Set designed to extractor broken keys or foreign objects from Auto locks and Pin tumbler locks .

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Our Price: $77.00 Inc GST

Wedge Co USA 7000 Ultra-Thin Orange Handle Broken Key Extractor is the number one choice of locksmiths worldwide. With the light weight orange plastic handle and sharp teeth on the spiral wire, the tool is easy to grip. The wire is long and thin with a long sharp point. By sliding one extractor along each side of the broken key and twisting the two extractors together, you lubricate the lock and slide the broken key out.

This set is designed to remove even the most difficult key or foreign object from all Automotive Locks and very handy on domestic locks too , Must have have kit for the Locksmiths tool box.


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